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Altuzarra Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Joseph Altuzarra dropped his Pre-Fall 2018 collection in this busy holiday season. After all this gift-hunting craziness passes you’ll need to take care of your closet. And that doesn’t seem to be an issue if you look at Altuzarra’s latest offerings. Although this collection won’t hit the stores until early summer, it’s good to know your options.

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection striped skirtsuit

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection patterned skirtsuit

For Pre-Fall 2018 Joseph Altuzarra went through his archives, especially the ones from 2011. The parkas from Fall 2011 launched Altuzarra on the fashion radar. So, the designer decided to bring back this style, he gave it a fresh twist and infused it with a contemporary vibe.

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection maxi dress and jacket

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection-sheer lace dress and jacket

His new outwear of choice are the coat linings. They are lighter than the parkas because the Pre-Fall collection will be in stores all summer long. So, with the business reasons in mind, is much more convenient to offer lighter outwear for that time of the year. The same applies to reversible outwear. Underneath the solid jackets, you’ll notice a chic leopard print. Most of the Altuzarra Pre-Fall jackets and coats are fully reversible to meet the needs of the practical chic. A leopard print nylon sounds like a good idea for the rainy days. Born in Paris, Joseph Altuzarra is aware what the rain can do to your style. So, the designer won’t let you compromise your fashion expression even on the rainy days.

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection leopard print coat

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection-sheer lace dress

The Altuzarra Pre-Fall 2018 collection is in between boho and the latest trends. The designer brought back the brand’s infamous scarf dress that carries a vintage and romantic vibe. To keep up with the latest trends Joseph added a logo belt to most of the dresses and some of the other ensembles. This detail gave a modern twist to the overall aesthetic of the Pre-Fall 2018 collection.

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection maxi dress

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection floral dress with belt

It’s an era of logomania – millennials love to show off the brands they are wearing. So, this was a wise move for Joseph Altuzarra because the logo sells nowadays. There is also an Alzaturra logo white tee since nobody can imagine their life without these simple designer tees anymore. But Altuzarra’s take on the logo tee features many incorrect spellings of the brand name. So, it’s not another boring white T-shirt, after all.

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection logo tee, reversible jacket and midi skirt

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection velvet pantsuit

The Pre-Fall 2018 collection features feminine floral and lace dresses to carry you from day to night. The designer paired them with patterned stockings or statement boots that added life to the ensembles. Altuzarra’s footwear offering is getting better with every new collection.

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection floral dress with belt

altuzarra-pre-fall-2018-collection-lace dress

Photo Credit: Altuzarra

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