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Avtandil Spring 2018 Collection at MBFW Tbilisi

There is always a fashion week somewhere in the world at this time of the year. After the big four ( New York, London, Milan, and Paris) host the fashion shows of the most famous international designers, it’s time to meet local and emerging designers. In the center of the fashion attention now is the Georgian capital Tbilisi. One of the veterans on the Georgian fashion scene is Avtandil Tskvitinidze. The designer showed his Spring 2018 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tbilisi. Tskvitinidze founded his brand Avtandil back in 2000. His designs are now available in US, Germany, France, UAE, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-graphic vest, fringed blouse and yellow wide leg trousers

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-graphic top and white trousers

Since his beginnings, Avtandil Tskvitinidze is strongly influenced by the pop culture. More than 20 years after his debut collection in 1995 Avtadil still isn’t over the avant-garde aesthetic. He is one of the most famous streetwear designers (after Demna Gvasillia, also from Georgia) on the Eastern Europian fashion scene: designs street-ready and edgy pieces that millennials love. They also love a dose of mysticism and drama. Avtandil Tskvitinidze most certainly gets them. On his Spring 2018 show, we could spot statement ensembles with striking details such as heavily sequined pieces, distressed denim, and show-stopping graphics.

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-graphic dress

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-graphic dress

He played with cuts and silhouettes a lot. The suits featured details that most people might not understand. But everything doesn’t necessarily have to have a purpose as long as it looks cool. That’s in the millennial’s DNA. They’re just honest and wear what they like without the need to explain themselves.

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-sequined top and fringed skirt

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi female suit

Avtandil Tskvitinidze doesn’t lack a celebrity credit. Just recently Mary J. Blige wore his jacket during a television interview. The singer flaunted distressed denim jacket in Tskvitinidze’s signature aesthetic. You’ll find similar ones in his Spring 2018 collection. Now after Mary J. Blige wore his design the interest for these jackets might be increased. Fact: the fashion crowd in the US is obsessed with distressed denim.

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-denim jacket and jeans

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-distressed denim jacket and plaid trousers

The cool thing about Avtandil Tskvitinidze is that he likes his ladies to have a choice. Unlike most designers who either go feminine or gender-bending, Avtandil offers a little bit of everything. You’ll see both tight figure-accenting dresses with plunging necklines and masculine industrial ensembles.

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-red bodycon dress

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-industrial jumpsuit

He gets the psychology of fashion. It’s a wise approach because many of his customers have different fashion moods. Besides that, he can reach to a bigger audience. Avtandil Tskvitinidze is one of the leading Georgian designers for a reason. The Spring 2018 collection is versatile, but there is this recognizable edgy vibe that holds everything together.

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-ruffled maxi dress

avtandil-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-ruffle maxi dress

Photo Credit: Edward James

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