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Beyonce Launched Holiday Collection

Beyonce just dropped new holiday merchandise and everyone is going crazy. Queen B launched a whole new festive collection and it’s everything you can imagine and more. Just like last year, the singer got creative and blessed us with more holiday goodies. And these aren’t the regular Christmas sweaters and ornaments that you expect. With Beyonce nothing is ordinary.

beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-black hoodie beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-tee

Filled with cheeky lines, the new capsule is all about the popular singer. It features a full range of chic sweaters, tees, ornaments, wrapping paper, hoodies, phone cases, onesies and more. All of them are decorated witty quotes that will make your festive season much better. Holidayonce can officially begin.

beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-2 beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-white tee

A huge highlight in the line are the sweaters and hoodies. They are done in colors that remind very much of Christmas such as red, black, purple and green. You will instantly fall in love with the purple “Have a Thicc Holiday” sweatshirt or the black “Sis the Season” one. There is also a red sweater that features the letters “Shinin’”. This one is a tribute to her song with Jay Z and DJ Khaled. The same phrase is plastered over the green and red wrapping paper, onesies, and phone cases.

beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-purple sweatshirt beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-black sweatshirt beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-red sweatshirt

Last year around this time, Bey released another capsule that celebrated her album Lemonade. She introduced many new quotes that are still our favorites. At that time she introduced us to the term “Sleigh all day” and now it’s time for more fresh updates.

beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-phone case beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-wrapping paper

All of our Christmas trees deserve the super-cool ornaments from Bey’s capsule. It doesn’t matter if it’s the white one with Yonce’s holiday picture or the one shaped as a bee. The singer definitely knows how to do holidays.

beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-ornament beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-ornament

The full holiday range is available on Bey’s website. You can head there to shop, and even get some gifts while you’re there. All your friends will be psyched to get such a chic present. The thing that got everyone so excited about this release is the affordable character of the line. You will be really surprised when you hear that you too can also get one of Yonce’s sweaters. They are sold between $40 and $55 which is within everyone’s budget. The cheapest item in the capsule is the ornaments which are sold at $12. If you fell in love with the trendy Yonce onesies, you will have to pay $85, which is also the most expensive item. These are all must-have items for the members of the Bey Hive.

beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-ornament beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-onesies

beyonce-launched-holiday-collection-black sweatshirt

Photo Credit: Beyonce


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