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Boss RTW Spring 2018 Collection

Jason Wu is in the role of a creative director of Boss for four years now. The designer was brought into the fashion house to add optimism to the Boss’s aesthetic as well as simplify things. He already presented the spring 2018 offerings for the brand. He even ditched the runway concept and started showing the collections in Boss’s Manhatten showroom. After the crazy fashion month, Jason Wu invited only selected people to see his designs for Boss. The presentation for the Spring 2018 collection went in the same order like the other late Boss collections.

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-1 black suit

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-multicolored maxi dress

The Spring 2018 Boss Collection was full of nautical motifs. Jason Wu focused on bold tailoring but simple designs. The collection featured pieces that women would wear from 9 to 5 and all around. Jason Wu is one of the designers who understand business women best.

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-gray suit

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-trench coat with rope

No wonder why he was Michelle Obama’s go-to designer at the time she was the First Lady of USA. What makes Boss different from Jason Wu’s designs for his eponymous label is the simplified aesthetic. Jason Wu designs more toned down and conservative pieces for Boss.

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-yellow jacket,striped blouse and pleated skirt

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-yellow knitted sweater

The spring 2018 offerings for the fashion house come in several color options. Jason Wu included a lot of neutrals in his spring palette and hints of yellow and red. Yellow was the color of the statement pieces in the collection. The collection didn’t have many prints but the vibrant bird one added life to the outfits. The designer also used stripes on some of the clothes and bags. Jason Wu designed statement bags to elevate the simple designs. The large yellow tote is perfect for busy women who carry their life in a bag. The snakeskin print bags blended seamlessly with the feminine designs.

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-white red graphic blouse and white trousers

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-red blouse and trousers

The rope details in the collection infused the pieces with a nautical vibe. Even the handles of the oversized totes were replaced with rope. There was also a blazer and a trench coat with a rope belt. These tiny details brought a laid-back feel to the collection.

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-white midi dress and black trench coat

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-bird print skirt

The Spring 2018 Boss Collection is for the ladies who like to play it safe. All the designs are perfectly wearable and ready to mix and match. Jason Wu brought another simple but beautiful collection. The ladies who want more adventurous designs should look at Jason Wu’s collections for his eponymous label.

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-red two piece coordinates

boss-rtw-spring-2018-collection-pink midi dress

Photo Credit: Boss

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