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Bottega Veneta Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Bottega Veneta and their creative director Tomas Maier focused on vibrant colors for the Pre-Fall 2018 collection. Maier’s latest creations are a connection between the upcoming spring and fall seasons. They are actually a transition from the Spring 2018 line he presented recently and the Fall 2018 collection he will launch in February. For the preview, Tomas gathered fashion journalists and editors in Brooklyn. He arranged a studio in Red Hook, where the brand shot their latest Pre-Fall 2018 line. During that meet, he explained his inspiration behind the designs.

bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-sequined dress printed coat bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-plaid coat

bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-yellow trench coat red skirt

Tomas divided the collection into three different deliveries. Bottega’s creative director is a person who loves perfectly planned schedules and dates. Each time he does previews he starts with dates and times. For the newest line, Maier will release three drops. In other words, he presented three mini collections in one. The first release will happen in May. For that part, he used softer colors and flowy cuts. His designs are mostly simplistic and are based on neutral colors. He presented sophisticated midi dresses that he belted on the waist.

bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-beige dress bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-pink dress

The second launch is set for June. Bottega Veneta ladies will be wearing elegant, fancy dresses. Tomas sees that month as the time for weddings, engagements and other special occasions. For this types of gatherings, you definitely need a dress that will stand out. That is why the designer focused on intricate lace that is both impactful and glamorous at the same time. He also included transition pieces that involve knitwear and fun patterns.

“What do I need? It’s probably a wedding, a christening. Events come up.”- said Maier.

bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-black lace dress bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-printed skirt sweater

And finally, the third part of the collection will be released in July. This is the most amazing section that is overwhelming with ultra-fashionable prints and intense colors. Here the designer focused mostly on layering, amazing outwear and eye-catching dresses.

bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-plaid dress purple coat bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-pleated skirt leather jacket sweater

Each one of Bottega Veneta’s looks came with a statement bag. Maier opted for daring colors and prints that really added an edgy vibe to the outfits. This was probably the most feminine collection recently. There wasn’t a single pair of pants in the 24 looks offered for pre-fall. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a powerful line. The fierce prints and striking colors left a strong impact that screams power.

bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-red white black printed jacket skirt bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-plaid coat plaid skirt

The biggest and most exciting news when it comes to Bottega Veneta is their new flagship in New York. It will be set on Madison Avenue. The exact date is still not released, but it will be sometime at the beginning of 2018.

bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-plaid skirt jacket bottega-veneta-pre-fall-2018-collection-sequined red dress printed sweater

Photo Credit: Bottega Veneta

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