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Choosing the right handbag and making sure it’s authentic

A handbag is the central part of a woman’s fashion repertoire.

Choosing the right handbag can either help make your favorite outfit or clash with it!  With disposable spending for many, a woman will pay top prices for a top of the line designer handbag. But how do you know you’re buying the right thing?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of women out there buying unauthentic versions both unknowingly and knowingly. Some of these buyers simply don’t know how to distinguish between the two, so it is important to educate yourself so that you’re not scammed into buying a $50 bag for $1200. I have seen it happen, because it happened to me. I actually paid $300 for a Louis Vuitton which was “gently used” and turned out to be brand new but also not the real deal!

So, it necessary to know how to discern a legitimate bag from the knock off varieties. After all, you did want the genuine designer article, didn’t you?

bag THE DIFFERENCE: A knock off or fake handbag will be a knockoff of the original- including fake logs. However, a look-alike handbag is a handbag that is inspired by the original. Remember, that the fake handbags can also have legitimate features, such as Lampo or YKK zippers, legitimate looking monogram placement, dust bags, legitimate tags, just about everything. You may even get a receipt!

Just remember a simple point. If the handbag is a valuable one, the handbag will literally stand out on its own. This is because authentic bags use high class leather, that it is strong enough to stand up on its own weight. Besides, the handles wont ever collapse. Fake handbags have a tendency to collapse under their own weight!

Check out a few of these tips…

Always buy from the retailer or designer outlet. This will ensure the authenticity of the handbag. The only definite way to know your handbag is legitimate is to buy directly from designer stores or stores long established in selling designer ranges like Nordstrom, Macy’s etc…

Check the handbag for digits: Most authentic handbags have either a control card or control number on the inside, as well as a certificate of authenticity. The number on the tag or control card should match the number printed on the lining. If you can, register your handbag.

Quality matters, so feel the bag. authentic bags will have soft leather or suede. Knock offs tend to feel more like plastic. Weight makes a difference. Real leather is heavier.

Small details make the difference. The lining and stitching can help to differentiate a fake handbag from a legitimate one. The knockout bags may have thread hanging or may be frayed in the corner. genuine handbags are also often lined with fabric with the brands specific logo or monogram on it.

On a fake handbag the stitching may not be completely straight, or may be a different color. Even the color of the outside of the bag may be a little off. genuine handbags wont have imperfections in the straps. Zippers will match the skin color well and the designer run of bags may only truly come in a very small range of colors.

Very slick and over shiny highly processed leather is often an indication of a fake. Poor uneven stitching is a sure dead give away of a fake.

Check the logo. Pay particular care to the pattern of printed monogram styles. There may be simple spelling mistakes, although the patterns may be the same Well-designed bags with logo fabrics never run the lettering into the seam lines. Also, the logo will always have the same font. I have seen some Prada handbags that look real but have a different font from the genuine article! Make sure that the C’s on Chanel bags always have the Right C over lapping the left C at the top. Another dead giveaway on a Chanel is that the quilted pattern seam lines will always line up on the back pocket flap.

The hardware on designer handbags is also significant. On knock-offs, the hardware tends to be over-sized. Always check the placement of the hand bag and the distressing on bags. The trademark nameplate may be huge on a knock-off. Many authentic designs also have details such as a logo or letter on the zippers and clasps.

You can also keep in mind that designers tend to be repetitive. Each style handbag will have an exactly same pattern that is followed. Nothing will vary. The patterns, the logo all will follow the same line, stitches. There is never anything haphazard about true designer bags. The same number of stitches is used and each stitch is the same size!

In authentic handbags zippers will glide smoothly, hardware is weighty; everything is exact and is of the highest quality. There will be no fly tabs to the zips.

Now, with these tips you can easily locate the fake handbags from the genuine ones, and be sure that what you are getting is the genuine item, that true blue genuine handbag you have always wanted! Just remember that authentic designer handbags will not have any flaws. Patterns line up, stitching is straight, hardware will not be cheap looking plastic, and look for the trademark.

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