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Fashion and Personal Defense

Fashion and Personal Defense are two topics that rarely ever go hand-in-hand. But it doesn’t take long to watch or read the news to know that the world is a dangerous place and that impacts us all differently, both emotionally and mentally.

Oftentimes, victims of crimes may live in fear or suffer emotional or physical scars for the rest of their lives. This may change the way a person chooses to live, dress, travel, or interact with people. In fact, fear is what drives most people’s desire to increase their personal security; after all, food, water, shelter, security – are our most basic needs.

The firearms industry has been seeing an explosive growth in demand across all segments, but the highest growth has been the women’s segment. And while we are not advocating any particular stance on this topic, we’ve received quite a bit of inquiries about this from women – which is why we wanted to cover some thoughtful points on this issue, particularly as it pertains to concealed carry.

Let me first say: whether you choose to carry a firearm or not is your personal choice if your laws deem it to be a legal practice. But if you do choose to carry a firearm for personal protection, first, you need to clearly define and understand your reason for wanting to do so. This means, be brutally honest with yourself and your habits – as well as your abilities and desire to maintain a new discipline. And make no mistake: it does require maintenance and regular training. Afterall, would you get a driver’s license if you were unwilling to learn how to use and maintain your vehicle?

If you only plan on keeping a firearm in your home for self-defense purposes and feel that is the only place you would feel confident to defend yourself with deadly force, then, in most US states and territories, you are completely within your rights to do so without a permit – though you still need to learn how to operate and maintain it.

If, even within your imagination, you are unwilling or unable to take another human life to defend your own life or your family’s life, then a firearm is not for you as it will pose a larger danger to you (i.e. can be confiscated/used against you; or brandishing with only the intent to threaten puts you in physical and legal jeopardy) than any good or protection it can provide you. Honesty in what you are willing or capable of doing (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) is incredibly important. Even though the efficacy is arguably not as high or reliable, non-lethal self-defense options like stun guns, Tasers, and pepper sprays can provide some measure of protection and should not be discarded as viable alternatives if you doubt your abilities to take another human life in self-defense.

weapon caseHowever, if you choose to arm yourself and carry concealed, you need a weapon case and there are some great options customized for women that have been developed recently that take into account a woman’s fashion and lifestyle. Men tend to scoff at the idea of fashion as being a frivolous concern. But fashion in itself is a form of personal liberty. People and cultures around the world repress women and their ability to choose apparel so having choices that fit both fashion and function are a very welcome novelty.

There are two products offered on that offer very fashionable options for women who choose to carry a firearm concealed.

The first is a purse that doesn’t look extraordinary in any way except for the fact that it is simply a stunning calf skin handbag with a classic silhouette; however, this purse has a separate, discreet exterior pocket that allows a woman to carry a firearm without showing the world she has a gun when she opens the main compartment of her purse. The exterior “carry” pouch has Velcro panels sewn into the lining which allows a holster fitted with Velcro to be custom-positioned and fixed securely in place. There are two vertical access zippers that allow left or right-handed access which is a thoughtful feature. The idea with the exterior access pocket is to be able to draw your firearm discreetly and quickly, rather than rummage through your purse. This also comes with a cross body strap which is always a great added feature.

Corset Gun HolsterThe second noteworthy product is a lace corset that has a reinforced pouch in the front where a firearm can be holstered. Surprisingly, even with a firearm, it leaves almost no print or bulk with clothing. And if you choose not to carry a firearm, it’s a great way to keep important travel documents on you and hidden or other valuables if you’re traveling in a country where these issues are a concern.

What we like about both of these products is that they allow a woman a great balance of form and function and that they are high-quality, versatile products designed for women in a product category traditionally catered almost entirely to men.

If you want to learn more about the topic of concealed carry, has a number of articles and resources for you to check out as well as an online store of various products in this genre.

We love when fashion and function intersect so beautifully.

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