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If you have a Great or Dominant Feature Accentuate it

Pick a Dominant Feature and Accentuate it!

When it comes to beauty and looking your best, one of the worst and most out dated looks you can have is a face full of makeup.

Bright blue eye shadow is only second to the bright red lipstick and the amount of blush on your checks makes you look like someone has slapped you. Instead of making this mistake, you may want to try a different beauty secret. Just choose one main focal feature in your face to concentrate on. Doing so will enable everything else to glow, too. It makes sense that if you have a particular feature that is more appealing, to accentuate it.


One of the most popular options is the eyes. For those that think their eyes are their best feature, show them off. Use eye liner, eye lash mascara, and be sure to use the right eye shadow. It is find to use whatever color you would like and you most definitely will look great if you choose colors that blend well with your skin. If you choose the eyes, all of the rest of your make up should be less bright.

Perhaps your lips are your best feature. If so, use a brighter color on them and be sure to help them to stand out by using lip liner. Gloss them too, you want them to stand out and really sing your praises. Perhaps it is not your eyes or your lips that you are most happy with in terms of your facial features. It may be your check bones. Use blush to help show off this look. You will want to use a sweeping motion, starting at the top of your check and swooping down. This really draws attention to this area of the face.

When you take the time to choose just one type of makeup application area to concentrate on, you surprisingly do not let the rest fall out of line. Rather, an individual first notices that feature, for example the eyes. They are drawn to them because of the well designed make up on them. At the same time, they are attracted to the rest of your face naturally since they have found your eyes to be appealing.

Less is more in today’s make up world, but applying a concentration of make up to just certain areas of your face can make a nice statement and really helps to create that overall great look you are hoping for. Be sure to invest in quality products and a well-made face.

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