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Inside Vetements’ DHL-themed Pop-Up in Hong Kong

Demna Gvasalia is one of the designers that can add a cool vibe to everything he touches. His brand Vetements is one of the leading brands that rule the streets right now. Gvasalia is fierce when it comes to his offerings. Take his Vetements x DHL collaboration for example. First of all, no fashion designer would ever collaborate on a collection with his shipping courier. But Gvasalia did and priced the controversial yellow tee at $285.

inside-vetements-dhl-themed-pop-up-store-in-hong-kong-Vetements x DHL tee

inside-vetements-dhl-themed-pop-up-store-in-hong-kong-Vetements x DHL hoodie

If you think that’s crazy enough, wait until you hear this: the designer is back with a capsule collection for DHL and pop-up store. You are probably wondering who in the world would try to make a fashion statement with a yellow DHL hoodie or tee. But these cool kids nowadays can pull off anything.

inside-vetements-dhl-themed-pop-up-store-in-hong-kong-Vetements x DHL hoodies

inside-vetements-dhl-themed-pop-up-store-in-hong-kong-Vetements souvenirs

The designer headed over to Hong-Kong for his most insane pop-up yet. DHL was the official partner of the event. The shipping courier’s employees and trucks were all over Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal presenting Vetements’ Swiss-themed merch, dedicated to the brand’s relocation from Paris to Zurich. As always Demna Gvasalia made sure to offer a little bit of everything for every budget. For those who didn’t want to spare a fortune on Vetements designs, there were many souvenirs they can take home. From mugs and fridge magnets to souvenir dishes Gvasalia offered almost anything as crazy as the items in his Colette pop-up.

inside-vetements-dhl-themed-pop-up-store-in-hong-kong-Vetements souvenir plates

inside-vetements-dhl-themed-pop-up-store-in-hong-kong-Vetements mugs

The collaborative pieces were in limited quantities ranging from DHL items to Vetements’ sock-sneaker alongside Reebok. Some would consider the prices ridiculous for the bright yellow DHL apparel even the designer himself. Not so long ago he explained that he wouldn’t pay Vetements’ prices but rather go on a Holiday. After all, Demna is a unique personality, just like his out-of-the-box offerings. He is well-aware that the street icons don’t mind Vetements’ and Balenciaga‘s prices as long as the offerings keep being bold and unexpected. Gvasalia is all about the surprise factor – you don’t see what’s coming next.



The Hong Kong Pop-up setting looked quite industrial with the multiple DHL trucks parked all over the place. The items were displayed at the DHL trucks as well as on boxes and rolling racks. Nothing seemed too luxury compared to the price tags handwritten on pieces of paper. The attendees were mostly cool youngsters with style close to Vetements’ edgy aesthetic.



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