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La Perla Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

The mastermind behind La Perla, Julia Haart is restless. Just a month after the brand’s opulent show on the island of Macao, the designer showed another party-ready collection. One thing to know about Julia Haart: she doesn’t go with the latest trends. Take the six-inch heel with a thick platform for example. These high-heels are rarely seen on runways, but they are a staple for La Perla.

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection shortsuit

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection patterned coat

The globalization of fashion made many brands to look-alike, but that’s not the case with La Perla. And these sky-high heels that you can’t find anywhere else perfectly blend with La Perla’s sultry-meets-party aesthetic. The ultra-short hemlines are another great example. These styles aren’t necessarily trending right now, but they are a must in the La Perla’s girl closet.

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection-glamorous couple outfits

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection vibrant emerald suede dress

As a luxury brand with Kendall Jenner as brand ambassador La Perla isn’t a fan of showing its collections low-key. Julia Haart prepared a runway show even for the brand’s Pre-Fall 2018 collection that took place at the Lobster Club. For the first time, the designer showed menswear. Just like her women’s designs, the La Perla man is distinctive and classy. Finally, the La Perla lady can get her man on point at the same place she shops.

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection-glamorous couple outfits

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection-glamorous couple outfits

The brand’s menswear carries the Old Hollywood glamour. From classic tuxedos to Hugh Hefner–style robes, men will have plenty of choices at La Perla from now on. An interesting moment among the menswear offerings was the bathrobe-like belted blazer. After all, it seems that Haart’s menswear designs carry a surprise factor just like her women’s pieces.

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection-glamorous couple outfits

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection-glamorous glamorous couple outfits


The La Perla Pre-Fall 2018 womenswear collection is all about showing off. Figure accenting silhouettes, revealing details, short hemlines, and vibrant colors define the style of the loyal La Perla shopper. And she is a woman who is aware of her sensuality. Moreover, she isn’t afraid to express it. The La Perla designs talk about confidence. Not everyone can handle ladies who like La Perla’s offerings. To keep up with them, some men may need to upgrade their style in La Perla’s menswear department.

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection fuchsia lingerie and coat

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection patterned coordinates

Both the womenswear and the menswear were inspired by 6th-century mosaic hearts. The designer visited Ravenna recently and fell in love with the mosaics there. These pieces of art seemed optimistic to Julia Haart. So, she found numerous great ways to infuse her designs with positive vibes using these motifs. The vibrant colors just added more life to the pieces.

la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection-glamorous red coordinates
la-perla-pre-fall-2018-collection patterned coordinates

Photo Credit: La Perla

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