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Lalo Spring 2018 Collection at MBFW Tbilisi

Layering isn’t a term you’ll hear a lot in spring. Anyway, that didn’t stop the Georgian designer Lalo Dolidze to involve some serious layering with knitwear in her Spring 2018 collection. The background story of the brand Lalo is in Lalo Cardigans. This label launched the designer on the international fashion scene.

lalo-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-plaid jumper and fringed skirt

lalo-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-knitted sweater and trousers

She founded Lalo Cardigans spontaneously. The designer studied subjects unrelated to fashion but had a secret dream of having her brand one day. Anyway, at that time she couldn’t imagine herself as a designer. So, Lalo Dolidze started making hand-woven cardigans for her closet. These insanely gorgeous pieces got everyone’s attention in Lalo’s surrounding. Her sister Nina finally convinced Lalo and their twin sisters to show their cardigans to the world. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that almost every ensemble on the Lalo’s latest show featured a knitted piece.

lalo-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-graphic belted sweater and midi skirt

lalo-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-oversized jumper and lace skirt

One thing was surprisingly different. Instead of bold and multicolored sweaters, Lalo presented toned-down pastel cardigans. The brand Lalo is a guide on how to wear Lalo’s Cardigans. Launching this more versatile line was a wise move. The designer still keeps her cardigans as a dominant piece in Lalo’s collections but pairs them in many creative ways. In the Lalo Spring 2018 Collection, she threw her infamous cardigans over feminine skirts and dresses.

lalo-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-ruffle dress and jumper

lalo-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-brown midi dress and knitted jumper

The designer’s latest offerings weren’t as vibrant as the ones in the past, but Dolidze stayed faithful to her intricate aesthetic. She added ruffles, fringes, breezy silhouettes and other embellishments to add life to her designs. She has a chic take on the feminine aesthetic for spring 2018. Lalo kept the color palette on the pastel side but used a lot of details to keep the outfits busy.

lalo-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-midi brown dress

lalo-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-midi dress

The denim jacket with embedded grommets was a completely unexpected, but statement piece in the Lalo Spring 2018 collection. The obsession over bold denim jackets is hot around the globe right now. So maybe Dolidze wanted to give a test drive to the streetwear. The current world’s top brands are mostly about streetwear, so this was a smart element of surprise. The jacket might become the next big hit, and who knows, Dolidze might shift towards a more informal, no-rules-whatsoever aesthetic. We have yet to see what this talented Georgian designer has for us in the future.

lalo-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-embellished denim jacket and leather skirt

lalo-spring-2018-collection-at-mbfw-tbilisi-pastel blue set

Photo Credit: Edward James

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