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Maggie Marilyn Pre-fall 2018 Collection

In the sea of millennial brands, Maggie Marilyn stands out. First of all, because she is 23 and perfectly understands what her peers like to wear. Second, the designer focuses on sustainability besides capturing trends. Her goal is to produce liveable luxury fashion with the environment in mind. The fashion industry has become the second most polluting industry in the world, so we could all use conscious designers like Maggie Marilyn.maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection millenial pink pajama set

maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection all pastel pink outfit

Another thing you should know about the New Zeland-based designer: she is a bold entrepreneur. Although young and new in the industry, Maggie goes against the traditional fashion system and presents only during the preseasons.


maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection-ruffled outfit

maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection-ruffled outfit

Maggie Marilyn is undoubtedly serving the young consumer base. Those who would wear an oversized sweater over elegant midi skirt with ruffles – all that colored in millennial pink and rounded up with sneakers. Sounds like something you would see on the streets these days. But keep in mind that Maggie Marilyn isn’t as edgy as Demna Gvasalia, for example. She likes to keep silhouettes more feminine. What she does is approved by the latest trends, ready to blend with your everyday life, but a bit on the formal side, mostly because of the elegant ruffles and confident cuts.

maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection all pastel pink outfit

maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection bomber  and wide leg trousers

Just like any millennial brand, Maggie Marilyn is athleisure-obsessed. You’ll see chic pajama sets paired with sneakers instead of strappy sandals. Moreover, silk track pants and long ruffled top and so on. It’s a subtle athleisure made to make you comfortable and stylish at the same time. For Pre-Fall 2018 she also presented kilts over trousers, something that millennials would dare to try without thinking too much.

maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection-kilt skirt over trousers

maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection-womens suit

As expected, Marilyn has a slogan t-shirt in the Pre-Fall 2018 collection. The designer used her dad’s favorite saying “We’ve got this” on the white tees that were all over the collection. Slogan tees are cool crowd’s favorite and you should never underestimate their power. It’s a simple way to say so much in a couple of words – all that through your style. These tees are perfect underneath shirtdresses(another highly trending piece at the moment).

maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection-ruffled outfit

maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection-ruffled outfit

The Maggie Marilyn Pre-fall 2018 collection won’t arrive in stores until June. But we can expect to see a lot of youngsters impatiently waiting to put their hands on the millennial-meets-sustainable Maggie Marilyn collection. The entire collection is a dream come true for the millennials but might feel too adventuristic for the older eyes.

maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection all pastel pink outfit

maggie-marilyn-pre-fall-2018-collection all pastel pink outfit

Photo Credit: Jake Terry /  Maggie Marilyn

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