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Take A Look At The YSL Museum In Marrakech

It all started back in 1966 when Mr. Saint Laurent bought a colorful blue villa in Marrakech. This vibrant place was his inspiration and he would come twice a year to work on his designs. Since he got to know Marrakech, he started using more colors, patterns, and shapes in his collections. What not a lot of people know is that before 1966, Yves Saint Laurent mostly relied on the black color for his amazing creations.

“Marrakech taught me color. Before Marrakech, everything was black.”-said Yves Saint Laurent.


The idea for the Museum was inspired by a very successful exhibition that happened in 2010. At that time the great designer and his work were celebrated in the Barber Museum in Marrakech. That is when Pierre Bergé decided to build a special place that will honor his partner’s work right in this Moroccan city. Once the land was released for sale he made sure to buy it and that is the amazing story behind this meaningful building.

take-a-look-at-the-ysl-museum-in-marrakech-outside museum

take-a-look-at-the-ysl-museum-in-marrakech-outside museum

In the Museum you will find around 1,000 iconic items that are a part of the Saint Laurent studio. They represent the 40 years that the designer spent on creating magic. The exhibition shows the period between 1962 and 2002, which is the year when he retired. In that long period, Yves introduced many revolutionary designs, that are still popular up to this day. If you decide to visit the Museum you will be able to enjoy numerous pictures, sketches, accessories and high-end couture designs.

take-a-look-at-the-ysl-museum-in-marrakech-pictures black wall


You will notice a meaningful change of color and ambiance from the period before and after Marrakech. The time after shows a significant change of shades that slowly drift from black to all kinds of vibrant colors and patterns. The exhibition starts with the epic Mondrian collection, then there are the designs inspired by Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh, and many others.


take-a-look-at-the-ysl-museum-in-marrakech-jackets dress

The whole project was organized by the Foundation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent and it was overseen by Pierre Bergé himself.  Pierre was the business mind behind the duo, Yves’s work partner and also life-long lover. Unfortunately, Mr. Bergé passed away just recently in September and didn’t get the chance to witness this opening of the Museum. At least he got to get a sneak peek of his creation the last time he visited. The estimated cost of the Museum Yves Saint Laurent is around $17 million and the work was performed by the Studio KO and their architects. The Museum Yves Saint Laurent will officially be opened to the public on Thursday.

take-a-look-at-the-ysl-museum-in-marrakech-outside museum

Photo Credit: Nicolas Mathéus

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